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Hello and Moien

Welcome to Tammy Faires Design. A little design studio with a split personality, a gift shop whilst also offering graphic design and illustration services, based in Luxembourg and London. See.... double split personality! 

My mission is to bring happiness and nostalgia into the day to day every life products, whether that is through totebags, stationery or ceramics. I should mention that I have a 'slight' obsession with breton stripes. 

As a graphic designer I am all about sharing my experience in anything from logo design to full on corporate design, visit the graphic design studio page for more details on that. 

Meet the collections.....

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Luxembourg Maus

She is excited to visit her family in Luxembourg City and spend a lot of time getting ready for her big trip. 

Are you adventurous like her and like to dress up?

Shop her collection here.



Melusina lives in Clausen in Luxembourg City. 

She is the sporty one that loves to splash in the water, whilst also a bit of a flirt that loves to sing.

Are you sporty or a singer?

Shop her collection here.

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Luxembourg Maps

I am from Luxembourg, hence why  so many of my characters are from there to. 

Luxembourg is this tiny country next to Germany, France and Belgium and a real hidden gem. 

This collection celebrates its shape, did you know it sort of looks like a shoe?  


Enjoy pronouncing that!

Every year a flock of sheep march to the annual funfair Schueberfouer to celebrate its launch. 

Are you a musician and like to walk go on a fun ride? 

He is very new to the collection. 


De Reenert

He is very sly, like foxes are and he loves a bit of cheese. Yumm. 

If you are a bit like him, then this is the one for you. 

De Reenert is new to the collection, but he will grow. 

UK Maps

I also live in the UK, which explains why I introduced this collection as a reflection of both countries that are important to me.

Doesn't look like a shoe I'm afraid, but you can buy the collection here.

uk maps-01.jpg


Alice in Wonderland is definitely a childhood heroine.

She loves to explore, let her imagination go wild and party with her friends. 

Sound like you? Then come through this little door.....

Robin Hood & Charlie Chaplin

Everyone knows him, loves to steal from the rich and give to poor. I am sure a lot of us feel like that these days. 

If only he was still around, but you can be like him and support this small business rather than a large retailer. 

He likes to meet up with Charlie Chaplin? Why? Because he makes him laugh.


Scandi Floral

I adore scandinavian design, the simplicity of it and the neatness. 

This is one of my original designs from when I first started designing my own creations. It is a firm favourite with you all so let's all get a litte hygge and enjoy this one.  

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