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  • Britain hasn't had it easy, but there is so much beauty within it and so many great personalitlies to celebrate. I have hope that one day we get the politics sorted and we can enjoy all its hidden gems and be proud of it all.


    This totebag is so much more than just a shopping bag, they carry your lunch, your gym kit, your baby essentials, your picnic, your space clothes, your library books whilst looking great! Totebags are used to make a statement; the way T-Shirt are often used. We want them to be seen and we want them to be stylish. It is always handy to keep one scrunched up one in your pocket, in case you need to pop to the shops!


    Tammy is originally from Luxembourg and works in the UK and Luxembourg. The great british mix up range is an exclusive range to celebrate the gems of the UK. Exclusively illustrated and designed by Tammy, the totebag has been carefully selected to meet your expectations.



    Here are a few facts about the totebag:

    • Made out of 100% organically sourced cotton
    • Digitally printed and manufactured in the UK
    • It comes folded up with a branded bellyband around the middle
    • Perfect as a gift for a loved one
    • Last but not least a seriously stylish way to walk down the road


    Charlie Chaplin Totebag

    • We are sure you will love this product as much as we loved making it.

      Should you want to return it, we are happy to take it back and refund you, as long as it is in it's original packaging and unused. 

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