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  • They come in many shapes, forms and sizes, but one this is undeniable: they are so SOO useful! 

    Whether you keep your make up in it, first aid kit, your stationery, you are a busy mum and carry a bag the size of a small suitcase and need to find those keys faster so keep them in a small pouch, everyone loves these handy beauties.


    This strong canvas pouch is part of the luxembourg range. She has sass and love the travel. Pretty sure she has a pouch or two in her suitcase!


    The bag's dimensions are 20cm x 11.5cm and is  ethically produced. 


    Luxembourg Mouse Pouch Bag

    • although we are sure that you will love this little gem, should you have any problems with it and are unhappy we are happy to take it back as long as it is in it's original state. 

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