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    Britain hasn't had it easy, but there is so much beauty within it. I have hope that one day we get the politics sorted and we can enjoy all its hidden gems and be proud of it all.


    It doesnt matter how you like your coffee, peacefully in the morning with the papers, at the end of a meal, quickly whilst telling the kids for the how manyeth time to put the shoes on, in the office, with friends and family - everyone is different but if you are like me, it has to be in a nice cup. It just makes it taste nicer. No I am not a scientist, but I am sure if it is true.


    This quirky tea cup is perfect for adding a bit of a life to your kitchen. The scandi flower range has proved very popular to add a bit of that lifestyle to your life. Exclusively illustrated and designed by Tammy, the tea cup has been carefully selected to meet your expectations. Let the design be part of your kitchen interior with its striking colours and patterns. You can use them to wash up in style, or you can sit back and enjoy looking at them. Exclusively illustrated and designed by me, the espresso set has been carefully selected to meet your expectations. It is made out of fine bone china making is very delicate and elegant. 


    Here are a few facts about the tea cup

    • Fine bone China
    • Hand finished in Stoke on Trent - UK
    • Perfect as a gift for a loved one
    • Dimensions: H91mm W84mm C245mm. Capacity / Volume: 370ml
    • Suitable for dishwasher and microwave.




    UK Alice & Robin Tea Cup

    • I am sure you will enjoy this little product, should you however not be happy with it then I am happy to take it back and refund you, providing it is still in it's original packaging and not damaged. 

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