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the start of something new - i suppose

So I have been looking forward and wanting to do this for a long long time. However I guess like many of us, we are always busy, the time is never right, what will people say etc etc etc.

Too many reasons to let it be a vision of the future.

Then one day I get an email ' would you like to illustrate one of my books?' it said. 'what?' 'me?' hell yes! Of course I do! Fast forward 6 or so months and our book is out. A month later it goes to number one. How nice!

In the meantime I get on with life and my day time job. I get many great positive comments on my artwork, my photography, my graphics, more requests for illustrations.

I can't switch off the desire to create, I want to make, I want to design, I want to share my passion for prints, arts, pretty things. All day, every day (pretty much) I think of colours, patterns, themes.

One day just like that I went for it and got one of many ideas printed and finally I feel free and ready to start this adventure and it feels good.

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