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How was your day?

It is January. Christmas trees are gone or on their way out and we are ready for a fresh start. What seemed cosy, warm, festive and comforting a month ago feels like clutter now, suffocating us in our own homes.

Whether or not we have new years resolutions, the feeling of the new and fresh sits within us and we are looking for new ways to express ourselves and start our new chapter in 2018. In anticipation of doing so some people will hit the gym, some will diet, some redecorate the house, some replace the Christmas tree with tulips. We are hitting Instagram looking for inspirations on how others have succeeding in doing so.

A breath of fresh air, the smell of laundry, the sound of birds outside, the longing for Spring to arrive.

I can't wait for 2018 (and Spring), so many challenges, so many ideas, now lets see where the year takes us!

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