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Luxembourg - a nostalgic & cute little place called home

Yes I live in London and have been for very long time. I have a home here with husband, kids, kittens and my own business, the lot and I love it. However, nothing beats that feeling of walking through the front door of where you grew up, putting your suitcase down and arrive at home.

So this home for me is in Luxembourg. Lets get the formalities out of the way; here are the answers I give most:

1. We are called Luxembourgers

2. We speak Luxembourgish

3. Yes banking

4. Yes it is part of the EU, one of the founders actually, although this is a bit of a delicate subject atm

5. Yes very nice for a weekend break

Luxembourg has many many rituals, even accents. I know right? So small yet we squeeze accents in! Amazing!

We also have our own mystical figures and childhood heros! I have captured two of these in my design collections, Melusina and Maus Kätti. Kätti will launch properly shortly. Illustrating these two brought back even more childhood memories, listening to the stories on tapes, dancing to the catchy tunes of the 80s, imagining their world, getting lost and creating a visual illustration of the world of Melusina and Maus Kätti.

We tent to forget these fun worlds we created when we were young, but mentioning Melusina or Maus Kätti to anyone over the age of 30 makes them smile. Their minds instantly going back in time, a time when their main concern was who their bestie was that week, whether sweetcorn is still the only veg they will eat, when bills, work or brexit didn’t exist.

So take a second, go back a number of years (ahem) and enjoy that moment again, imagine the smell of that house, why not give your bestie a call (no not a poke) and enjoy!

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