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Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Strategy for Big Retailers vs thoughtful touch of an Indie Shop

So today is the day; Black Friday.

Didn't exist in the UK 10 years ago, I remember working in retail getting ready for Cyber Monday (''the day where the whole of the UK shops online'') and hearing that we must start following this trend from the US called Black Friday. We all remember the video footage of customers walking over each other and fighting over a TV when it first hit the UK....

It tells us that Christmas is coming and we shall start shopping instantly, after all if you don't buy it now you will have to pay full price. Really? There will be other promotions around Christmas, of course there are! However for those of you that are like me and like to be organised early it is a good idea to get some deals early or is it, but who will I support?

#justacard and #hollyandco have done amazing jobs this week, shouting out, fighting for the small shops to step up against this mass market consumerism, giving us the support needed to show the amazing creativity that is out there and what thoughtful gifts consumers can find just by looking a little further than Amazon.

Here is my thought, though, Black Friday for the big ones - a great opportunity to get rid of all the crap that didn't sell or the bulk buys that were marked up clearly aimed to be sold as 'reduced' price this weekend to make space for the new stuff? Cleverly planned marketing strategies, I know, I have been there.

Black Friday for the Indie Shop- a person on a kitchen table, in a small studio somewhere having to follow the trend? Tough one, we all want our clients to enjoy a treat as well, after all you got us to where we are now, hence why we treat you for our 20% off. It was planned after all in the run up to christmas so lets run it the same time as everyone else. Slightly pushed but still thankful.

One thing we want you lovely shoppers to know and I am sure I speak on behalf of many of the small shops out there, if you get a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal from a small shop, the lines on offer are not the crap that doesn't sell or the bulk buys strategically bought for this week, these are lovingly handcrafted products made by an actual person who will do an incredibly cool happy dance when you place that order.

So there, have yourself a very merry 20% off our whole range, as a thank you for your love and support this year just by entering the promo code BLACK FRIDAY 2018 .

And as for me, who do I support? Most of my christmas shopping has been done and all from indie shops that I met and spoke to this year. It feels great to support these business owners, placing an order you get this lovely feeling that you don't get when you buy from a big one. Why don't you try it sometime?

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