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All you need it love

With another Valentines over and done with I thought I would sit down and write about a little bit about love.

We all know we don't need one specific day to tell the another person that we love them. Pictured above is Mr F, he is probably the reason my little shop and studio is open. Just over a year ago he told me to 'just to it' after I spend tooooooooo many years going on and on about it and 'what if' etc etc (we all know this right?) So I did it. Over the last year he patiently supported me, carried samples everywhere, posed as above, held totebags up for photography, does the post runs, basically does the intern job for free.

Instead of celebrating our one year business shop opening last month, I was in hospital and spend the last 6 weeks trying to get better (getting there but very slowly) Mr F continues to support me and seems to just understand that some days I might not be all giggles.

The other big love are the kids of course, they just do the same. They love a good photoshoot and setting it all up with me. Here is little Miss F posing and you will be able to spot those little hands across a lot of our photos. May I say she is getting very good at taking photos herself, a set maker in the making?

Not everyone has a Mr F or the kids, I know and yesterday was one of those dreaded dates in the calendar. I know, I was there too, but it is only a date and today with the sun out, we can all look forward to spring heading our way. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the love over the last year and making us what we are today, whether you are Mr F or the kids, whether you bought a card or commissioned me to do private work, every single one of you made me do a little happy dance and made my day, whatever the date.

PS Yes we did have candlelight during dinner last night - because the kids melted marshmallows over them THAT is how romantic we are.


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