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Are we falling out of love with the UK at the moment

Oh it is so heartbreaking, remember the 90s? The UK was one of the coolest things out there wasn't it?

There were the Spice Girls, Take That and Britpop. I remember coming over to the UK during my summer holidays, staying with my pen pals, thinking this is the best thing ever. Wether it was Blur or Oasis (Blur!) we all had strong feelings about them, well most of us did....I did.

Catch me listening to music, chances are it will be an album from the 90s and all the '20 years later celebrations' get ignored, surely it hasn't been that long? I was lucky enough to have met Damon and Alex from Blur and would like to think I was cool, but I really wasn't! Well I taught them some luxembourgish, that is pretty epic.

I remember as a child, my mum being in love with the Stones, my aunt with Queen (the band obviously) and everything about the UK was sooooooo cool.

I moved to the UK in 2001 to study and although Luxembourg is my home and will always be 'home', I have never left the UK, one thing lead to another and fast forward 18 years and I am still in the UK. Very happily married, great kids, a house we made our own, a job I always dreamt of doing. I always wanted to live in London and that plus all of the above, are my biggest achievements. I still get nostalgic about Luxembourg and spend a lot of time there, visiting and working there, or for people from Luxembourg. I always felt very lucky having the best of both, the nostalgia of Luxembourg and the coolness of Britannia.

I can't help but feel though that currently that coolness is disappearing. It is so sad to watch the news and see what is happening and no one can change anything about it, no amount of petitions you sign, protests you go to, they do what they do and don't seem to care. How did we end up this way and how can we get people to fall in love with the UK again?

Next on my to do list is to face the settlement application.......who knows will Luxembourg become the new cool and Britannia the nostalgia?

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